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Time Diversification & Impact on Capital Allocation Decisions: A Corporate Finance Perspective

In his recent article, What Practitioners Need to Know…About Time Diversification , Mr. Kritzman offers a comprehensive view on time diversification. As an example, Mr. Kritzman outlines the following…

Importance Of Relative Valuation

Generally speaking, ‘valuation’ can be defined as the process for finding the ‘value’ of anything. In the world of finance, value of anything (tangible or intangible) would be reflected by the price that potential buyers and sellers agree to conduct the transaction for the transfer of ownership, which may obviously change with time. The demand and supply for are the drivers of the process of ‘price discovery’ of any asset in any market.

Your Guide to Real Estate Investment Banking

What is Real Estate Investment Banking? In simple terms, real estate investment banking is the act of connecting capital seekers with capital providers. The investment banker analyses the capital stock such as preferred equity and JV equity and identifies potential capital sources in terms of investment possibilities, risk profiles, types… Read More →

How to Analyze Financial Health of a Company in 6 Easy Steps

Financial health analysis (FHA), as the word says, is to analyze the financial health of a company. The analysis is primarily performed by management of companies to assess the business sustainability of its suppliers. The overall health of a supplier sheds light on how well it will do in the… Read More →

The head to toe guide to get a CFA ® Charter

Becoming a CFA is so easy. Here are the steps that you need to follow….

CFA exam : the last 30 days

Preparation for any exam is somewhat of an art and people use different techniques. Nevertheless, there are some methods which work better than others. In this post I want to mention the method I applied for having a rock solid preparation in the CFA Exam

CFA Exam Preparation: My Foolproof Method to Pass the Exam

Passing the CFA exam on first attempt is tough. I was fortunate enough to make it. I actually used a certain method for CFA exam preparation, which I want to share in this blog post…..

CFA LOS Command Word Definitions

CFA LOS Command Word Definitions

CFA Exam Topic Area Weights

CFA Exam Topic Area Weights

CFA Exam Details

The CFA Program includes a series of three exams; Levels I, II, and III.