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About the CFA Program

The CFA designation is one of the most distinguished professional designations in the world. Achievement of the designation requires a candidate to pass three 6-hour exams progressively and to accumulate four years of eligable work experience. The exam curriculum includes a broad range of topics relevant to today’s finance sector. After you complete the requirements to earn the designation, the CFA Institute will award you a CFA charter and you will be considered a CFA charterholder…

4 Reasons why the LOS may be overvalued

Written by Ben Kester: What am I talking about? This is crazy talk. Of course the learning outcome statements are important. How else are you supposed to know what to learn? The LOS are complete. They are written to cover the entire reading. See for yourself. The first section, the introduction, won’t be on the LOS. After that, you can map out the LOS to sections of the reading. So why is this a bad thing? It isn’t – exhaustive LOS means they were written well. However, it also makes the LOS redundant. If you know the reading, you know the LOS. Fuzzy reading comprehension results in vague LOS understanding. The LOS are concise. They do a fair job of summarizing what you need to learn for each reading in a few sentences. However, the readings are more intricate than the LOS, and the Institute creates questions accordingly. If the LOS instructs you to calculate the present value of a bond, the reading will likely give you the formulas and work through examples on what that looks like. There are times when the LOS oversimplifies what you need to learn. In these cases, the readings and examples give you a fairer idea…

Exam Day

Written by Ben Kester: It is here. The day you’ve been waiting for. Your chance to prove what you have learned. I loved exam day. Grabbing my calculator and number two pencil. Breathing in the brisk morning air. After today, there is no more studying (at least for a couple months). The past months are a whirl of chaos. Today, there is just one thing on the to-do list: Be Awesome. Sure, there’s a lot that can go wrong. But there’s a lot that can go right. It starts with a nice shower. Then, I grab my supplies that I packed last night (pencils, passport, calculators, ticket). Because I got up early, I have plenty of time to enjoy a bite of breakfast at my favorite cafe. Next up is a cab ride so I don’t have to stress out over driving and parking. Then…the masses of people. Taking the same test with thousands of others? Everyone is stressed out; I’m relaxed and confident. This is going to be a great day. “Begin” I start with my favorite section – quant. I’ve done great on it in the practice tests, and I’ll do well on exam day. Rather than get…

Tips and tricks for cracking the CFA

As a CFA Candidate you will spend couple of months each year for the next couple of years studying and preparing for the CFA exams. Exam results, showing that more than 60% of candidates fail, are certainly not a good motivation. Although we believe that there is not a single good strategy for passing the CFA exam, but various good approaches applicable to various people, we have summarized the most important tips and tricks that may help you pass the exams and accomplish the goal of becoming the CFA Charterholder.

Do You Need MBA for Finance Careers?

Does an MBA degree hold value in 2015? Times have certainly changed from the 1990s when an MBA degree from prestigious universities held immense value, both in India and abroad. Almost every graduate pursues an MBA but is it essential for a lucrative career? Before I delve into what role… Read More →

CWM Vs. CFP Vs. CFA: Which One Should You Go for?

Is the title confusing? Let us clear it out. This article will be a comparison between Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professions. We will be going through a brief on these professions, how to get these degrees / certification and how to… Read More →

Types of Investment Banking jobs

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Career Games: CFA vs CA

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FRM vs CFA: Battle of Financial Certifications

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The head to toe guide to get a CFA ® Charter

Becoming a CFA is so easy. Here are the steps that you need to follow….