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CFA level 3 pass rates for the last 5 years explained…

Answering a Constructed Response (Essay) Question: Allocating Your Time

When you are allocating your time to answering a constructed response (i.e., essay, morning session) question, follow this simple rule…

Essay (Constructed Response) Questions: What’s the Point?

A recent session with one of my tutoring candidates brought to mind an interesting idea that is more than worthy of an article of its own: What’s the point? When you are writing an...

How to Approach the Level III CFA Exam

If you’ve never taken the Level III CFA exam, you’re in for a real treat. (If you’ve taken it before, you already know what I mean.) As with the Level I and Level II exams, this exam will be six hours – three in the morning, and three in the afternoon – and it will be exhausting, both mentally and physically. Thus, you need to be prepared, both mentally and physically, to take this exam.

Cash (Currency): the Wonky Commodity

Throughout Level II and Level III – and a little bit at Level I – we see calculations that involve commodities; e.g., calculating the price or value of a forward or futures contract on an underlying commodity.